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Jiangsu Airship Co,Ltd. is a state—level high—tech enterprise founded in 1958, "Jiangsu Povince High Technology Enpertise","jiangsu province Innovative Enterprise","jiangsu province Private Technology Enterprise","jiangsu province Management Innovation Enterprise","National Machinery Industry Management demonstration Enterprise",The company divides south factory and north factory,Covering an area of 230,000m2 with floorage of 150,000m2, the company owns fixed assets(original cost)of 500 million yuan and has 1,100 employees,of which 300 are technical personnel.

Its main products cover three series,i.e. precision foxing straight bevel gears,machined spiral bevel gears and cylindrical gears,of which the annual output of precision forging straight bevel gears hits 20 million pcs;spiral bevel gears,800,000 sets;cylindrical gears of automobile double axles,500,000 sets.

Products are widely used in car, bus, mini-car, heavy truck (mini truck,light truck), constructi machinery,agricultural machinery , wind powed and other manufacturs and also exported to USA,Italy,Brazil,Germany and Japan,etc.

With imported world—advanced technology,production and inspection equipment,the company has possessed specialized and scale production capacity in terms of die manufacture,hot forging,cold forging,machining and heat treatment Of all its equipment,Multi-station precision forming equipment,Heat-cold treatment duplex forging technology and equipment,high-impact,anti-fatigue and long-lifetime mould manufacturing technology and equipment,Precision heat treatme technology and equipment,Helical gear cutting technology and equipment and CNC machine automation intelligent production line have a leading position in the industry.

Has passed the ISO9002, QS9000 and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification, GB / T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification and ISO14001 environmental safety system certification and the second party certification of many well-known automobile and parts enterprises at home and abroad .In 2001, the provincial "Jiangsu Engineering Research Center For & Precision Metal Forming " was established.We have built the experimental practice base with scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning. "People-oriented enterprise development through science and technology " Strengthen the development and reserve of talent resources, “postdoctoral research station”, “academician workstation”, “graduate workstation”and”technology center”was established,With nearly one hundred national invention patents and utility model patents.We have won the second prize of National Technology Invention Award ,the first prize and second prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award .Participate in the development and revision of one of national standards,one of China machinery industry standard,five of gear industry standard.

Airship has been the hundred national invention patent and national utility model patent,and won National Award for Technological Invention 2nd Prize, 1st prize and 2nd prize of China Machinery Industry Award.

Realizing better performances and giving more than customers’expectation,so as to grow into a large—scale leading supplier of automobile spare parts with its most powerful economic strength.

TaiZhou keda Precision Forging Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Jiangsu Airship Co.,Ltd which is engaged in the processing of aluminum alloy precision forging products.Main products are scroll compressor for automobile,Rotor-Stator,swash-plate compressor,piston, shell of automobile safety air sacs and other abnormal forging,We have abundant experience in flow control forming technology of aluminum alloy,also it's second to none in china.

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