Supported by“JiangSu Precision MetaIforming R&D Center",the company actively promotes 4-"integration"progress,integrated technical flow and equipment,integrated processing and testing,integrated machinery and control,and integrated software and hardware to improve its product development ability and shorten concerning cycles. To meet various criteria,the company lays emphasis on synchronization with the OEMs,keeps pace with the international market trend and thus it is able to develop spare pans for integrated systems of whole machines and vehicIes.

Cooperative research unit
Cooperative research unit
Cooperative research unit

  • Launching ceremony of cooperation project between Jiangsu University and Beijing Research Institute of Electrical Technology
  • Cooperation with Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials academician workstation
  • Key technologies of precision near net shape forming of spiral bevel gears in Yanshan University
  • Development and industrialization of the control system and key components of the wind turbine propeller mechanism in Tsinghua University
  • General manager of the Institute of mechanical science research and investigation
  • Precision forming and deep processing technology of aluminum magnesium titanium alloy materials in Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Beijing Research Institute of Electrical Technology to deepen the development of automotive aluminum alloy forgings products and achievements transformation

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